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Looking for beta readers for your newly polished novel? Well, here I am!

Because I do have more to my life than writing, blogging, and reading, I ask that you follow a few guidelines. I do not beta read poetry, Children’s Fiction, or Middle Grade novels. I also will not accept adult novels that include graphic sex, gratuitous violence, and/or swearing. Sex, violence, and swearing all have their place in fiction, but if that’s all that happens in your story…just no.

I have a very low tolerance for overused tropes and cliches, especially those belonging to the dystopian and fantasy genres. I am also not a very romantic person, so if you send me a romance novel, I’ll give it my best shot, but I’ll probably fill my review with more snark than normal. And if you’ve got an Evil Empire, a Chosen One, or a Girl Who Isn’t Like The Other Girls…you better watch out.

(Note: I do love well-done evil empires, and the chosen one trope is full of opportunities for subversion. Therefore I get even more snarky when a story doesn’t use these opportunities, because YOU HAD A CHANCE TO MINE GOLD, MY FRIENDS.)

But if you’re ready to brave my sarcasm, make sure you tell me (a) what genre you’re writing, (b) what the target audience is, and (c) a short synopsis of your story. Think of this as your chance to practice querying, if you’re going the traditional route.

(Note Two: I can’t give feedback on queries because I have no experience with those. Sorry, friends.)

I reserve the right to decide whether or not to beta any particular story. My availability depends on how many novels I’m already beta-ing, how busy my life is, and/or how interesting I find your synopsis.

Currently I do not charge for my services, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you include me in your Acknowledgements or Special Thanks. 🙂