Beta Page

Welcome to the list of authors for whom I’ve beta’d!

Miranda Kulig @ Dreams and Dandelions – Unperfected (in revision)

“Seventeen-year-old Avalon Daley…has grown up in the Perfect world of Society with her boyfriend, Tripp. But when Avalon shows signs of having the Dreams–a notorious and dangerous disease that destroys a person’s Perfect nature–she and Tripp are thrown into a chaos they never imagined possible. Through trials of death, truth, heartbreak, and grief, Avalon quickly discovers that her world–and herself–are nowhere close to Perfection.”

Nate Philbrick @ You Write Fiction – Where the Woods Grow Wild (available!)

“A forest looms over Bardun Village. Nobody goes in. Nothing comes out. The secrets in the oaks remain hidden until a mischievous escapade thrusts Martin and Elodie behind the silent trees. Separated and lost in a tangle of fantasy, they discover more than animals roam where the woods grow wild.”

Gabrielle Massman @ Write for the King – Out of the Curse (in revision)

“Mar Zaehav fights to become an elite assassin—only she is a teenage foot soldier fighting on the wrong side. As a Livyahak, a creature mutated with dragon wings, Mar was born to fight for Nakavar who seeks to destroy the native races of the land. Nakavar cursed the Livyahaks, preventing them from feeling emotions or seeing color. But Mar escaped Nakavar’s curse, and for this, she must die. Escape and freedom are her only hope, or is her life worth something more?”