Who Am I?

So let’s establish something quick. My Twitter profile looks like this:

So professional!

But I’m actually much more like this.


Those of you who were around from the beginning may know me from my very first blog, The Plot Project, which is now named Writerly and is run by the amazing Grace Weiser. Check it out.

When I’m not a beta reader, I’m a writer. I’ve dabbled in fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and contemporary writing, and the only common thread seems to be that they tend to fall in the Young Adult/New Adult age range. My goal is to self-publish and join the crazy, awesome indie writer community.

I started beta reading at the end of 2015, when I struck up an online friendship with Miranda Kulig, who then asked me to look over her WIP, Unperfected. We went through it chapter by chapter, and I realized I actually really liked this editing stuff. Then Nate Philbrick sent out a request for beta readers in mid-2016 for his December 2016 release Where The Woods Grow Wild, and I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you clicked on those links. (Assuming you clicked them already and have just now come back to finish reading this, so…pretty fast.) I have a full list of the wonderful authors I’ve beta’d for on the Beta Page, but these two stand out because they were my first.

As I pondered where to take my writing journey in 2017, beta reading hit me like a ton of pounds. (Props if you get that reference.) I enjoy doing it and writers enjoy good feedback – well, perhaps appreciate is a better word – anyway, why not make it into more of a hobby? So I have officially started this blog to open my services to the public. See the Contact page for details.

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting about my own writing journey as well as keeping you updated on whatever genuine perplexities hit my brain. (See how I worked the blog name in there? Eh? Eh? Okay.) I hope you’ll subscribe and stick around, but if not…

Thanks for reading, and stay crazy. 🙂