wait what time is it why am i awake

Good morning!…afternoon? Evening? WHAT TIME IS IT OH MY GOSH.

Hi all. Roughly nine hours ago I arrived in Madrid, Spain. According to my current timezone, that was at eight a.m., but my body is telling me it was at two in the morning. So I’m a bit confused.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room wondering when dinner is going to happen. Around here, people usually eat late, maybe at nine or ten p.m. However, while all the other students in my program went out for lunch shortly after arriving at the hotel, I went to sleep. Because priorities. So now I’m subsisting off brownies and candy (thanks Nanna) and waiting for people to be interested in going out to eat again. I’m not doing this alone. Especially because my English rapidly degrades as I get tireder (see?!), so in Spanish I’d probably just ask to order a sock or something.

Speaking of Spanish, I’ve only had to use it in one tricky situation so far. Which is pretty amazing, considering my friend and I kinda got lost in the airport after arrival. And I’m proud of myself, because I was able to effectively communicate where we needed to get to, and the attendant pointed us in the right direction and I UNDERSTOOD HIM. (Probably because pointing is universal but shh.)

I did good. Time to go order some socks now.