Ready For Camp NaNo? (Screams)

Sorry for the lack of regularly-scheduled post, but I was at a friend’s house since Wednesday. And while I was there, I was of course freaking out, because tomorrow is the start of CAMP NANO!

I’m gonna keep this short, since my NaNo project isn’t. I’m shooting for 60,000 words (I know right) and tonight I’ve got to scramble to finish my outline because #procrastination. But I thought I’d pop into the blogging world and say hello to you all.

I also have a piece of advice for anyone who like me is planning on doing a large Camp project and has left planning to the last minute. The advice is simply:


Roleplay your characters. There’s this brilliant game called Ungame that’s meant to be an ice breaker, but as it turns out is a fantastic tool for roleplaying your story characters. The questions on the cards range from silly to deep. Some of them are so deep I question the validity of this game as an ice-breaker. (Hi, nice to meet you! What’s your take on death?) Anyway, they’ll help you get down both the minor and the major details of your characterization. #notsponsored

If you don’t have Ungame, you can still look up character questionnaires and answer them in the first person. Or, you and a far-away friend can do a character chat — basically roleplay over text. Set the scene, each of you be your respective characters, and boom. (This also can cause some really funny crossovers between you and your friends’ stories.)

So some quick housekeeping here. On Sunday, my family and I are leaving for a few days as part of our yearly 4th of July celebrations. Being who I am, I don’t have posts planned out for Monday and Wednesday, so I may be less active that week. You have been warned. I’m also not sure how much internet I will have so I might not be online as much. I’ll try to get back to any comments as soon as I can.

Speaking of comments, I’d love to hear about your Camp NaNo projects. Even if you’re not doing Camp, have you ever played Ungame or done a character chat? Let me know! And of course, stay crazy, friends.

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  1. Well I know you posted this a little over a month ago, but I feel like there’s a wee cliffhanger here! How’d it all go?

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