The Writing Prompt Tag!

So Wednesday is tag day, but I have not come across any tags that have particularly grabbed my attention this week, so I decided to make one. As you do. So here’s the rules that I’m not totally making up just now.

  1. Read the prompts listed below.
  2. Roll an 11-sided die…wait.
  3. Use a random number generator to pick a number between 1 and 11
  4. Congratulations! Now you know what prompt you DON’T want to do.
  5. Continue until you get tired of it and pick one yourself.
  6. Do said prompt.
  7. Blog said prompt.
  8. Create your own prompts and spread the love.
  9. By which I mean tag other people.
  10. I’m hard to understand sometimes.
  11. Sorry this got so complicated.
  12. It was supposed to be fun.
  13. I’m angsting aren’t I.
  15. Oh and then tag more people when you post it; can’t forget that. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a tag…just more of a virtual nose boop
  16. *boop*

ANYway, I am here with ten delightful prompts for you to choose from. I am also making these up right now so they are sure to be perfect. Make up original characters or use characters from your WIP; I really don’t care.

  1. A character is whispering intensely. The scene is set. The hero is straining to hear this obviously super secret information. Then it turns out that the character was whispering for a completely non-epic reason.
  2. A character makes puns at completely inappropriate times.
  3. An accountant has been selected as an assistant for a trained assassin. Good times.
  4. “Why is there a baby?” “Oh, this is Susan. Mom asked me to babysit.” “EXCUSE ME? WE’RE FIGHTING DRAGONS HERE!”
  5. MC has to come up with a lie about why they aren’t coming to work but is distracted by the kids channel.
  6. Your story except everyone is five years old.
  7. The characters become aware that they only exist inside your story/this writing prompt.
  8. Your favorite character got their wisdom teeth removed and is loopy.
  9. Suddenly, pineapples.
  10. MC finds a toddler wandering through a graveyard at night.
  11. Take your cast of characters. Now they have five minutes to disarm a bomb. Do they all die?

As you can see, most of these are pretty goofy. Because this world needs more silliness. Anyway, I hope you take me up on this because I’d really like to see how you work these out. Don’t be afraid to tag me back with your prompts as well.

I tag:

Grace @ Writerly

Maggie @ Maggie’s Musings

Also feel free to tag yourself if you want to play. We’re all-inclusive here. I just tagged those two in particularly because they’re used to putting up with my craziness.

Now go.

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  1. YOUR STORY BUT EVERYONE IS FIVE 😂😂 My characters are in their twenties/new parents so this kind of change would definitely wreak havoc on my plotline

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