Beautiful People ~ June 2017

Hello friends! I’m back at it again with the blogging! Today, as promised, I shall be doing the Beautiful People linkup hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up And Further In. So in case you didn’t know, this linkup is basically just a bunch of questions that come out every month to (a) help authors get to know their characters better and (b) let the followers of their various blogs get to know these characters!

I actually did this challenge in March for a story which is now on hold (because I am a horrible person, really), but this time, I promise things will come to fruition. This time, these characters are actually from the novel I will be working on during Camp NaNoWriMo (which starts in just 9 days — AUGH!). Currently titled What Do We Do With the Haywards?, this is a contemporary YA about several kids growing up in the conservative Christian church. And at this point…like all of them are vying for MC status. So I’m gonna randomly choose two to do this challenge with. You have been spared, my friends.

(And by randomly I mean I pick whatever two characters I want. I pick Amie and Sapphire Longstaff. Ta-daa.) For some context, Amie is 17 and Sapphire is 15. Both are PKs. (That’s pastor’s kids for those of you less familiar with abbreviations.)

  1. What’s their favorite place they ever visited?

Amie’s favorite place has got to be Niagara Falls. Something about the raw power of the water and the overwhelming urge to jump in and join nature in its rush toward entropy entranced her and cemented itself into her memory forever.

Sapphire’s favorite place is Hershey Park. She and her family have gone four times, and every time she wishes they could stay longer. (She thinks it’d be awesome if she and some friends could sneak in after dark and have a horror movie-esque experience there.)

  1. What’s one mistake that they learned from?

Amie learned that putting off schoolwork until the last week of June when you’re also involved in AWANAs and violin lessons and volunteering at your church’s summer kids’ programs is a perfect way to achieve a mental breakdown. (Both she and Sapphire are homeschooled.)

Sapphire learned that reading forewords usually spoils a book and so you should never ever do that. Ever.

  1. What [is] their favorite subject in school? Or favourite thing to learn about?

Amie has recently found psychology and sociology interesting, especially the study of criminology. She wants to understand why people do things that ultimately hurt them. Before that, she liked anything to do with the study of water.

Sapphire likes geology, but also Swazi traditions and mythology, since her mother is descended from this tribe.

  1. What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?

Amie used to like sunflowers but that got ruined when she played Undertale. Now she likes lilacs.

Sapphire likes sunflowers and buttercups because of her sister’s reactions to Undertale. Amie is still not sure how this works out.

  1. Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?

Amie was very good at making Sapphire cry when they were small children through various means of trickery and toy-stealing. However, she usually felt bad about it, and tried to hush Sapphire before their parents found out about whatever had happened. She stopped this behavior when she realized Sapphire was crying on purpose to make Amie give her stuff back.

Perhaps because of the above behavior, Sapphire would use tears to get what she wanted until she was about eight years old. She got upset when she couldn’t beat Mario Kart at her friend Chloe’s house; and Chloe, who was very empathetic, started to cry as well. After that Sapphire decided not to cry around her friends anymore.

  1. Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Well, no human being will ever be reliable due to the warped nature of each person’s viewpoint, but Amie would do her best to give everyone a fair shot. In fact, she’d probably give them too much of a fair shot, reading honorable intentions into their actions even when none were present, and taking forever to identify any possible antagonists.

Sapphire is fairly self-centered, and would probably accidentally leave out bits of the narrative that did not concern her directly. Because of that, some events would seem to come right out of the blue. She’s also good at shutting out conflict that she doesn’t want to deal with, so her story might not involve a lot of important elements.

  1. What do they dream about at night?

Amie’s dreams are either hyper-realistic play-throughs of concerns about the church, AWANAs, homeschooling, and her class at the local community college, or total nonsense about the universe blowing up due to a mischievous school of piranhas hiding in a waterfall.

Sapphire’s dreams are usually about her and her friends doing something ridiculous and then the dream gets changed before she finds out what is actually going on.

  1. They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What do they eat?

Amie would go for some really good medium-rare steak with mashed potatoes covered in butter, sour cream, and pepper. (She really likes pepper.) For maximum specialness, there should also be tiramisu for dessert.

Sapphire just wants strawberries. Piles and piles of perfectly ripe non-GMO strawberries. And of course bananas, because you can’t have strawberries without bananas.

  1. What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Amie wants to visit Niagara Falls again. She also wants to visit Swaziland, and possibly also Brazil and/or Chile. (She speaks Spanish somewhat well.)

Sapphire really wants to go to a haunted house. Her parents haven’t let her thus far but she really wants to visit like five of them before her death.

  1. Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

Amie is fairly good at the violin and plays at church, at people’s weddings, etc. She also has what her older sister Diana calls a superhuman ability to be nice to people who she really shouldn’t be nice to. Amie does not call this a superpower but does recognize that the ability to refuse to give up on people might be something of a talent.

Sapphire is good at climbing trees and hiding. She can practically become invisible when she wants to. It’s especially useful when playing Hide and Seek or Murder in the Dark.

Beautiful People March 2017

Well, that’s my addition to the Beautiful People linkup this month! Don’t be afraid to click the button and take part in the challenge below. If you do, let me know in the comments — I’d love to learn more about your characters.

Stay crazy, friends!


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