New Blogging Schedule!

Hi guys, I know I said I’d have something fun for you this time, but…I’m gonna be honest with ya. I’ve been having a rough week. It’s like all my creativity has gone down the drain. I’ve been doubting myself alot and it’s taken a toll on my blogging.

However. Like a glorious phoenix I shall rise from the ashes.

Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Anyway, I was paroozing Mikaela’s newest blog post on whether or not you have to follow all the blogging advice (spoiler: no). And ironically, this reminded me of a common blogging advice which I OUGHT to follow, which is making a schedule. So I’ve decided to do that. I will try to follow it but we will see what happens. So, if all goes well, here’s what you should expect from moi in the weeks to come.

Mondays – Genuiune Perplexity (aka Discussion Post)

Wednesdays – Tag, Challenge, or Review (aka randomness. Also this is your cue to tag me in EVERYTHING.)

Friday – Writing Tips (aka hopefully humerous and possibly educational account of my latest creative escapades. Including this blog because hey look, it’s Friday!)

Anyway, since I’m just starting out this is all subject to change, especially the Geniune Perplexity thing (although I’m sure I could drum up endless meaningless discussions, but it depends if y’all want to sit through that). Friday might turn more into a Week In Review type of thing like Maggie does, but we’ll see. Hopefully things will start looking up.

So. In light of that, here’s what you can possibly maybe expect from next week (but don’t count on it):

6/19 – Discussion about FEARS and INSECURITIES (of which I have many)

6/21Beautiful People tag (if I am strong enough)

6/23 – Writing w/out traditional structure (aka an excuse for me to talk about my contemporary Camp NaNo novel that I’m kind of freaking out about)

I think this might be as good a time as any to remind you all that I am GOING TO SPAIN this Fall, which will have a drastic impact on the way this blog works. It’s still pretty far off, but I thought I’d let you know that when I do, I will probably cut back on my everyday posting….BUT, there will be a new and shiny España tab where you can check out all my Spanish adventures. So keep your eyes peeled! (Totally not doing this because Messiah College wants a “deliverable” or anything…)

Stay crazy, friends.