The Daily (but not rlly) Quote Challenge

So I am very late in responding to this tag, but awhile back Maggie tagged me in the Daily Quote Challenge. Since everyone I know seems to be changing the rules for this, I’m just gonna do what she did. So what you’re SUPPOSED to do (according to Maggie) is this:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Tag 3 new bloggers every day
  3. Post one quote on your blog every day for three consecutive days

But, I’m just gonna wing it my way. Because why not. So, um…thanks Maggie! I’m using quotes that I like because I do things the way I like.

mental monster..jpg
Aaand this is a comic not a quote. But it’s my life. (Except it’s more like 3 years ago. I adjust fast. Hopefully.)
I just want to pin this to my wall.
Can you be a writer and not like this quote?
I’m not sure if this is true, but…it’s pretty, so I’ll let it go.
liberty dies
This one’s just sad. When did I become serious?
BAHAHAHAHA (again yes)

And of course…I have to include this one.

that just sort of happened

Because that’s my life.

Let’s see, whom shall I tag. Hmm. Well…

  1. Gabrielle Massman @ Write for the King
  2. Daina W. West @ (appropriately) Daina W. West
  3. Nate Philbrick @ You Write Fiction
  4. Miranda Kulig @ Dreams and Dandelions

Well, on Friday I should have a post ready that’s not just random memes. I actually have been thinking deep thoughts this week. Trust me. They just refuse to take on a phsyical form.

Stay crazy, friends!