Me According to The Internet (And My Downloads Folder)

For some reason I thought it’d be fun to describe myself using only Internet memes, videos, and the murky contents of my downloads folder. I don’t know where most of these came from, so…hopefully I don’t die of copyright infringement? This is all for you, you know.

You’re welcome.

I Am A Thoughtful Guy – Rhett and Link

Dad/Morality/Patton Sanders

Dad Morality (better).png
From Thomas Sander’s SanderSides

But I’m also this guy:

Prince/Roman Sanders

I am a conflicted soul.

The type of person who downloads this:

good palpatine.jpg

But also this.


I like to think I show some potential in life, as per this picture Grace Weiser put together for me:

Thanks Grace!!!

But maybe I’m just a huge Hamilton nerd.

Of course I’m a writer.

Screenshot (36).png
You can follow if you want 😀

(This board has 221 pins. I’ve hardly looked at it since it’s creation.)

Sometimes my writing is…okay?

Screenshot (13)(1)
It was a hard-won 50,000 words, okay??

I make fun of my friends.

I have no idea if he reads this blog, but just in case…hi?

Sometimes I’m serious.


Sometimes…not so much.

tea mug
You can actually buy this on Amazon. #notsponsored

And sometimes I just go off the rails and make stupid posts like this.

that just sort of happened.gif
The caption of my life.

Well, thanks for reading. (I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life.) I actually think it’d be amazing to see more posts like this so if you’re reading this and have nothing to do…consider yourself tagged.

Stay crazy, friends.